Housewares – Manufacturers of pans and other products for home and industry usages. Products used: thick plates.
General cooling – Manufacturers of vanes for air conditioning equipment, chambers and under-counter refrigerators, manufacturers of cooling systems, manufacturers of fins for car radiators, etc. Products used: plates, coils and panels.
Furniture and decoration – Manufacturers of furniture in general, decoration services, costume jewelry, musical instruments. Products used: plates, coils, leaves, profiles and tubes.
Thermal insulation – Manufacturers of Thermal insulation systems for pipes that carry oil by-products. Products used: smooth and Corrugated coils, and leaves.
Antennas – Manufacturers of parabolic and conventional antennas. Products used: plates, coils, profiles and tubes.
Venetian blinds and sheathings – Manufacturers of Venetian blinds, panels and sheathings. Products used: plates.
Lamp holders – Manufacturers of lamp holders and related items. Products used: plates, coils and leaves.
Lamp bases – Manufacturers of fluorescent and filament lamp bases. Products used: leaves
Electrical/electronic products – Manufacturers of electrical and electronic products. Products used: plates, coils, leaves, profiles and aluminum wires.
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